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What makes your manicure special?

We don't soak your nails in water because your nail absorbs water and the nail plates expand. The polish won't last since the nail plates shrink back once dry. That is why we use vapor steam to soften the cuticles. It also help hydrate your hands and feels great, so it's a win, win!


What makes your pedicure special?

We use disposable liners and disposable jets to prevent any cross contamination. The milk bath helps moisturizes dry skin which soothe and soften the skin.


What is the difference between Shellac & gel?

They are both technically the same thing. Shellac is a brand of gel.

What is the difference between gel & dipping powder?

Gel is a polish that needs to be cured in a LED lamp. Dipping powder is an acrylic powder that is applied using resin glue. With dipping powder, you are able to extend the length of your nails, whereas gel can not.


What is hard gel?

Hard gel is an alternative to acrylic/dipping powder. The viscosity is thicker than gel polish and comes in a clear form that needs to cure in a LED lamp. Unlike gel polish, you are able to extend your nail length. It is lightweight and odor-free.


My polish chipped. What now?

First of, OH NO SIS! If your regular polish chips within 3 days or your gel polish/dip chips within 5 days, come back and we'll fix it for FREE! Please refrain from using your nails as a screwdriver or any other power tool. You must use the same color and be sure to make an appointment!


Can I tip on my card?

Yes, but cash tip is greatly appreciated! We also accept tips via Venmo.


Do I need to an appointment?

Appointments are highly recommended.

How do I book an appointment?

You can schedule your appointment by calling/texting 469.604.1438, online through our website [], or DM through instagram @blusdtx.

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