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The BAEsic | 200

This classic set is far from basic! This is for the everyday natural glow up. Single extensions are attached on each lash to give you a longer and more defined look. This classic set will make your lashes look effortless!

     TouchUp | 45          2wk Fill | 75          3wk Fill | 90

The Blushing Beauty | 275

You’ll be looking like a beaute with this perfect hybrid between natural and fullness. If you want to add a little bit more volume to your lashes, this is your go to! You’ll look enchanted in no time.

     TouchUp | 65          2wk Fill | 90          3wk Fill | 105

The Boss Babe | 350

Our volume set will have you looking glamorous all the time! Who says we can’t have full luscious lashes all the time? This volume set attaches a handmade fan of 2+ lash extensions onto your natural lashes. You’ll be looking like a boss babe in no time.

     30min TouchUp | 75          1hr Fill | 115          

The Bombshell | 450

Our mega volume set will give you that fluffy and dramatic look. Who doesn’t love a little fluff in their life? This set will give you the maximum coverage, yet it is still lightweight and comfortable. We love being extra.

     30min TouchUp | 110          1hr Fill | 165

Lash Lift | 125

Lash Tint | 30

Lash Lift & Tint | 150

Brow Lamination | 75

Brow Tint | 30

*Must have at least 50% retention for fills, less than 50% retention will be charged as full set.

*Volume (boss babe & bombshell) fills are up to 28 days + 50% retention.

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